Huna: Gateway to the godforce within

I did not choose Huna - Huna chose me. From an initial disinterest to having been claimed (body, mind and soul) by this practical expression of the so-called mystical rhealm, my life continues to be changed from one breath to the next. For me, Huna has always known through the body what the quantum sciences now invite us to consider through the intellect. My Huna journey is never about knowing and always about discovering. I invite you to discover with me.

Monday, July 2, 2007

April in the Kingdom of Hawaii

It has been a Huna kind of day for me.

I realized that what I want for myself in April 2008 is to create the Space within which people who have long been in my world will be able to 'know' the Hawaii that I know. What I am now thinking of as 'The Mauna Lani Experience' is my way of creating a play-date with all those I draw to me! I had never thought about it that way before - and today, it just popped into my awareness.

Not an hour later, I get the comment from Anne of her experience in reading my earlier blog entry on 'Huna: Calling me Home". In the moment of reading her note, I knew what I both want and need to do for April 2008.

It is not about Huna as a retreat, since it has never been about Huna as a thing. It is about an experience of the Kingdom of Hawaii that lights up my soul and welcomes me home. And Huna will indeed, be part of this.

I know that the Space that is the Mauna Lani - with its grace and beauty; with its raw and elegant power; with its sweeping winds, ocean's roar and breakers crashing along the shoreline; with its views of sunrises over the mountains and sunsets over the ocean, all visible from my balcony - these are what let me know that I'm home. I want to share this with others. I want to create the opportunity - the invitation - for them to know 'home', deep in the cells of their being.

To create this, I know that I must be both the attractor for it and be willing to be the one who shapes 'matter' for it to happen. It needs to matter more to me and from there, beckon to others.

Once there...once in that magical place...the rest will flow easily. Huna will 'be' as it is intended : a Space within which Invite and Allow comes to life; within which easy and effortless is the key; and an experience of the flow moving through each of us, awakened to the smells and the sounds and the sensations, both outside and inside. And in truth, they are all the same.



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