Huna: Gateway to the godforce within

I did not choose Huna - Huna chose me. From an initial disinterest to having been claimed (body, mind and soul) by this practical expression of the so-called mystical rhealm, my life continues to be changed from one breath to the next. For me, Huna has always known through the body what the quantum sciences now invite us to consider through the intellect. My Huna journey is never about knowing and always about discovering. I invite you to discover with me.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

First steps

I can't think of a single thing that has had a more powerful impact on my life than my experience of Huna.

From the beginning (which is now more than 17 years ago), my curiosity has been my guide; and my personal experience has been my evidence of something truly potent in my life. In all that I do, breath has become an essential element not just for my physical survival as a being of tissue/matter but as a spiritual being having a physical experience. Breath keeps me linked to the Force that flows through me, always reminding me that I AM that force.

Do I forget? From time to time....and then, breath once again awakens me to the godforce that I am and my life redirects to a meaninful place.

THIS place...this a meaningful place to me. In this space, I can express, explore and speak to what I am discovering about myself as I go. This is not a space for me to tell myself or anyone else what I 'know' about Huna but is a space where I can speak to what/who Huna has guided me to know of mySelf.

There is such powerful 'magic' here! Those notions of Emerging Future are directly tied to the flow of 'mana' or energy/informaton from the Higher Self to the Lower Self, with the body being the receiver/converter/transmitter for the genius that is carried. That I do or do not pay attention is entirely up to me. I hold myself as truly blessed when I say that it has now become more difficult for me to NOT listen than it has for me to do so.

I am excited! Excited about this place where I am free to share whatever is true and real for me and to trust that any of those others who are drawn here will come with an open mind, an open heart and the willingness to become the MORE that they already are.

In my 30 years of searching, I am clear: for me, Huna is a gateway to the discovery of the godforce that I am in a physical world. Not a discovery of theory or philosophy but a discovery in tissue/matter.

I breathe....I engage...and I know that I AM god. You engage....and have you noticed yet?

Every cell of my being IS that godforce. Not a vessel for it...not a conduit for it....but the thing itself. And I ask myself: how does the godforce choose to live?



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