Huna: Gateway to the godforce within

I did not choose Huna - Huna chose me. From an initial disinterest to having been claimed (body, mind and soul) by this practical expression of the so-called mystical rhealm, my life continues to be changed from one breath to the next. For me, Huna has always known through the body what the quantum sciences now invite us to consider through the intellect. My Huna journey is never about knowing and always about discovering. I invite you to discover with me.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I am mindful of how I have not written here for a while. It is not that I do not come here - it is that when I do, I stare at the page and choose to leave. Words escape me, as I seek to find ways to share with you that which is so immense within my being. When the words do not come, I go.

There is not a day that goes by that I do not consciously think about and that I am not mindfully aware of the presence of the 'Higher Self'. I put it in quotes because I know that I am it. That means, I am mindfully aware of the presence of the 'Much More' that I already am.

My challenge here is to find a way to invite you to have a mindful awareness of the presence of the 'Much More' that you already are. That will not come from anything that I can tell you about Huna. For that, I am not required. You can read any of the gazillion books on the market on Huna and find what appeals to you. What you cannot find in any of those books is what I've discovered.

I wrote today in my Emerging Futures blog about being pregnant with potential. I am. You are. And so is everyone else. What comes to mind is that picture, again, that was taken by an old friend of cherry blossoms struggling for space within which to unfold, on this tree branch incredibly congested with life! Just like we are struggling for space within which to a world incredibly congested with life... and yet no sense of how to welcome it, embrace it and make room for it in our 'being-ness' in our day.

Huna, with its Aloha Spirit and its most beautiful and elegant expression of the Three Selves....grace and power in simplicity...helped me to create the space so that I could breathe. No...much more than that! that I would allow myself to breathe. We are all able. It is permission that we lack.

With the Space that is Huna; with the permission that is Huna and with the incredible, gentle force that I discovered mySelf to be through Huna, I found breath. And in that single moment, I unfolded. It has yet to stop....or to even slow.

I have no idea where this blog will go. I know that I will follow my breath and discover what rides on its exhalation. In that exhalation, my future will emerge and I can choose to live it or not.

My desire is to call to and welcome another into this space to share with you the power of her journey. I will keep you posted. My trust is in the space that her breath will create.

For now, I am done. At least, for this breath.

Breathing is good....


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