Huna: Gateway to the godforce within

I did not choose Huna - Huna chose me. From an initial disinterest to having been claimed (body, mind and soul) by this practical expression of the so-called mystical rhealm, my life continues to be changed from one breath to the next. For me, Huna has always known through the body what the quantum sciences now invite us to consider through the intellect. My Huna journey is never about knowing and always about discovering. I invite you to discover with me.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Signals from the Higher Self

I had a great conversation today with a colleague, about leadership (see my other blog). As we spoke, I was acutely aware that although the topic of our conversation was leadership, the flow for me was not from the intellect but from somewhere else.

When I spoke, the words just fell out of my mouth. My body formed the words, gave them sound and propelled them from my lips. My intellect observed, listened and discovered. I had no idea what I was going to say until the words had been said.

I’ve learned to trust this process – this process of expressions emerging – since they have filled my life with great discoveries and joy. It is greatly entertaining to me to have my own words catch me by surprise and delight me in their originality and expansiveness. And yet, although I have no sense of having created any of it, I am also keenly aware that it is all me. But what ‘me’ is it?

When the flow is there, life is effortless. When the signal from the Higher Self flows directly and effortlessly to the Lower Self to be engaged and processed, the Middle Self eventually benefits greatly from learning how to choose intelligently for MORE.

Today, in trusting the flow of this Signal from Self once again, new ideas emerged. New possibilities. New potential. And we are indeed, a global collective in great need of potential.

All of these thoughts will find their way into my next book. I have been playing with it now, for almost a year. Watching. Waiting. Listening. Letting the words flow from my fingers onto the screen when the flow is there, and letting go and relaxing when it is not. I do not determine that flow; I simply embrace it when it moves. Emerging futures unfold.

Huna, the Three Selves, flow of energy/information, trusting my body, letting go….all of these are aspects of the gateway that Huna has become for me. When I am awake to it, my life explodes with potential. When I fall asleep, it is as if my life becomes frozen in time and all I can see is the past.

Enough for now. There is always tomorrow.



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