Huna: Gateway to the godforce within

I did not choose Huna - Huna chose me. From an initial disinterest to having been claimed (body, mind and soul) by this practical expression of the so-called mystical rhealm, my life continues to be changed from one breath to the next. For me, Huna has always known through the body what the quantum sciences now invite us to consider through the intellect. My Huna journey is never about knowing and always about discovering. I invite you to discover with me.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

All meaning is context dependent

When it became clear to me that my next book would be about Huna, I was equally clear that I had no desire to write about the practices and techniques. So much has already been written on this topic by so many great souls, including all those whom I’ve already mentioned. What was important to me was to find a way to share with others how Huna had become that gateway.

The Hawaiian language has only 7 consonants. The genius of their language is that a word will change its meaning as its context changes – not only the context within which it is used but the context that the person is who is doing the listening. The same word will have multiple meanings depending on the context within which it is positioned. For those of you who are familiar with the Logical Levels of Thinking (and remember, we use 7 levels and not 6), consider how the same conversation (say, religion) will have different meanings at all 7 levels of thinking.

Consider for a moment that this situation with the language is also true with regard to Huna as a context for accelerated awakening. When we consider Huna through the 7 Logical Levels, we become aware of and gain access to different expressions of our own spirit nature.

I believe that without Huna, I would not have made the connections that have made it possible for me to experience….to feel and know in my tissue and not just in my intellect; to know as a truth of my experience and not just an intellectual truth as an opinion….what it is to be that spiritual being having a physical experience. To talk about it is one thing – to experience it is quite another.

When I first saw the framework of the Three Selves of Huna, it just felt right. Like discovering after 30 years that you’re adopted – and suddenly, so many things just make sense to you. You’ve known all along but until that moment, were not quite sure what you knew. For me, the Three Selves was that moment.

When I ventured into Huna, I chose to bring with me all the other things that I also knew. All those things that have come to me over the years from my interest in the quantum perspective, for example. My experience with and of NLP. My years of face-to-face engaging with other human beings at the deep end of the pool. My capacity to trust the truth of my experience, even when it did not match expectations or the status quo. My knowledge of quantum biology and autopoiesis and their implication for what we are as the creatures of flesh, bone and energy that we are. When I stepped into Huna, I left nothing else behind and so there was an integration that took place. And as the Hawaiians would say, I discovered that it was all ‘the same but different’.

The Three Selves of the Huna tradition allowed me to connect the notions of contexts of Self with flow of energy/information amongst those contexts. It is never about any one thing but about how things connect to each other. So with Huna, it never occurred to me to engage it in any other way. The whole has become much greater than the sum of the parts.

When I wrote and first published ‘Fully Alive’ in 1999, little did I know that I was opening a door that would make it possible for other people to discover the ‘click’ inside themselves. When I first entered Huna, little did I know that it would allow me to discover the ‘click’ inside mySelf – the Self that flows from the essence of who I am, or that Essential Being – and how the relationship exists that allows me to be all things and not necessarily any single one of them.

My Huna book is about 80% complete and will be out before the fall. As I go, I’ll include excerpts here that are relevant to an idea or a notion. For now, there are many other places that you can read about the Three Selves of Huna. Try Google and see what you can find. Explore. Consider different versions of the same story and discover which one comes alive in your body. That’s the one to pay attention to! When you find that one, stay with it and see where it takes you.

And remember: like I did not choose Huna but Huna chose me, don’t be surprised if you find yourself to be chosen for more of your own evolution. We live at a time in history when we must wake up – soon! – or risk a very long sleep until the next cycle opens up to new possibility. When Huna calls to you to awaken, remember that there is nothing to fear. No matter how strange you may find the conversation inside yourself that you are engaging, stay with it. Trust it. Allow yourself to be led.



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